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Our Technology

Trackn’s key focus is around the user, once your vehicle gets stolen it’s up to the user to notify the police. The user does this by sharing the location via the app of the stolen vehicle to the closest police vehicles. The officer then remotely shuts the vehicle down, once the vehicle is in sight. No more pursuits!

Remote Engine Immobiliser

Remote engine immobilisers would allow police to automatically shut down vehicles they believe to be stolen.

The tech would work by cutting power to the accelerator but still give the driver control over the steering and braking, which would allow the vehicle to come to a stop in a safer manner than a hard shutdown.

Quick Stats

  • 2020 Statistics

    Stolen vehicles in 2020

    39,400 passenger/light commercial vehicles were stolen in 2020

  • 2020 Statistics

    Where were they stolen.

    Half of all car thefts occur with the car at home (either in a driveway, car port or garage)

  • 2020 Statistics

    How were they stolen.

    Over 50% of Australians keep their car keys within plain sight, making car thefts simpler for crimin

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