Track&Stop Theft

Tracking your car is one thing, but being able to locate it and remotely switch off the fuel, gives you full control.
39,400 passenger/light commercial vehicles were stolen in 2020, not only does it raise your insurance premiums but it also puts lives at risk.
Track & stop the vehicle from anywhere in the world using smart phone technology with Remote Engine Immobilisation Technology.

Track&Stop Theft
Service Icons

Remote Engine Immobiliser

Shut off car engine remotely through web platform, mobile application or SMS.

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Real Time GPS Location

Real time GPS location where the accuracy deviation is less than 5 meters.

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Speed Alerts

Instant alert for over speeding, helps track anyone using your car.

Trackn Black Box

  • Ahead of the Game

    Anti Jam Technology

    Trackn's modern trackers with anti jam technology don't allow thieves to use any jammers or blockers to block the signal.

  • Company Benefit

    Fuel Card Integration

    Monitor fraudulent behaviour with fuel card integration. Make sure company fuel purchases are filling company assets.

  • No Power, No Problems

    Backup Battery

    This device has an Internal battery Standby, meaning if you disconnect the cars battery, we can still locate the vehicle.

Watch Trackn Video

Take a look at the Trackn video to show how Trackn can work to reduce car theft and stop police pursuits. It’s time we take care of the problem, let’s put car theft in the past. 

Reduce your insurance rates by up to 30%

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